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Alltel Cell Phones

Many different cell phone service providers offer cell phones as well as monthly service plans. There are also individual companies that offer these phones and plans as well. If you would like to know more about what Alltel has to offer regarding cell phones (we do not offer service plans, just no-contract cell phones that you will own outright), you can visit our website OnSaleCell.com to receive more information.

We provide all different models of Alltel Cell Phones and allow you to choose comfortably what type of plan you may want. One of the cell phones that we have is the Motorola RAZR V3a, which you can purchase in red or gray at this time. The phone less than Ĺ inch thick, which allows for the comfort that you need when your cell phone is in your pocket. It has a new crafted keyboard, which allows you to send messages quicker and easier. Therefore, for the text messager, this one is for you! It also has a camera and Bluetooth capability. This Alltel cell phone also comes equipped with GPS that can give you turn-by-turn directions when you need help getting to a particular destination.

Another Alltel cell phone model that we offer is the LG Scoop. This Alltel cell phone comes in a rather unique citrus color as well as slate. This LG Scoop is a lightweight Alltel cell phone that allows to you to text and send pictures, videos, and even instant messages. The phone comes equipped with Bluetooth capability and is very well compatible with Alltelís Celltop Software, which allows you to produce widgets into your own home screen. If you send many text messages, the LG Scoop comes equipped with a QWERTY keyboard that is hidden, which will allow you to text quicker and precisely.

Another very popular model that we carry of the Alltel cell phones is the Motorola Q. This is one of the lightest made QWERTY keyboards that have been made and are available. This Alltel cell phone contains Bluetooth capabilities, which can also support the Streaming Stereo Music. Another reason this Alltel cell phone is so popular is that you can view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even PDF files on the Windowís Mobile 5.0 screen. It gives you access to Q functions of the Alltel cell phone and other current, up to date information that you may need to be aware of.

The Blackberry Pearl 8130 model of the Alltel cell phone is a very popular one as well. This Blackberry Pearl offered by Alltel Wireless has a two letter per key design that makes it much easier to type those dedicated messages. It also has a feature that will allow for surfing the Web to be much easier. This Alltel cell phone has access to download music as well as Alltelís Axcess Video and Music.

These are only a few of the Alltel cell phones that we offer. There are many other Alltel models that you can purchase from us. There is no need to go to another store when you can get everything from us in one stop. Therefore, if the above Alltel cell phones donít meet your needs, we do have another model that we are sure will fit your needs and desires.