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Bluetrek Bluetooth Headset

Bluetrek is one of the best brand that blends innovative design with cutting edge technology for all type mobile lifestyles. The brand is designed to cater to the tastes of style-conscious consumers as well as tech-savvy professionals. Bluetrek is making its mark on the fashion scene, with its "Fashion for Heads" approach. From the product itself to their bold advertising campaigns, Bluetrek is a different breed of Bluetooth headset for mobile phones. Two of its latest products, the X2 (the first water and shock resistant headset) and the avant-garde ST1 Bluetooth stereo headset - set to revolutionise mobile phone music, were awarded the prize for Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards at the CES Las Vegas in 2007. It is style, opulence and its scintillating design will keep you gawking. The voice quality is really good. The both incoming and outgoing calls are clear without added white noise or static.You can listen to system sound or MP3 on PDAs and use voice command to talk to your PDA via the headset. The Bluetrek Bluetooth headset supports some key phone features such as voice dialing, mute calls, redialing the last number and rejecting calls.

The Bluetooth headset is used when you want to talk to someone without entangling yourself in the wires that come along with most wired headsets. They are wireless and more convenient to wear around your ear. They can be authenticated and activated with a PIN[ personal identification number], while establishing a connection with someone. It’s Incredible wireless feature makes it the center of attraction in today’s world, where everything is going wireless. So, life becomes much more easier with a Bluetooth headset. Better voice quality and better reception is what makes most Bluetooth headset worth buying.

The basic features of Bluetrek Bluetooth Headset are Sleek design with just the right size and weight. It’s easy to operate and pair with a variety of phones. The voice quality is quite good and noise canceling function performed well in quiet and somewhat noisy environment. Supports duo profiles and some important features such as voice dialing, mute calls and sound transferring. Great battery life compared to the most Bluetooth headset currently on the market. Everything at a reasonable price! At OnSaleCell, we have a ton of bluetrek Bluetooth headset models to offer you, some that will blow you off your senses and it will make you want to buy them all. So now it is time for you to get a bluetrek Bluetooth headset to reveal your true passion and style that makes everyone extremely jealous.