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Cardo Scala Bluetooth Headset

The Cardo Scala Bluetooth Headset is a lightweight headset with great sound quality, and includes noise-reduction technology, swap technology, and a headset locator. The status light, as well as the orientation of the volume rocker, can be adjusted. The Cardo Scala Bluetooth Headset is a great headset from the makers of the Cardo Scala Rider, one of a few headsets made specifically for a motorcycle helmet. The compact headset features noise-reduction technology as well as the ability to swap between two different mobile phones. The Cardo Scala Bluetooth Headset has a very affordable price which will suit your budget range. Cardo System’s was founded in 2001 and boasts to be one of the world wide leaders in wireless technology. While Cardo produces several wireless devices designed for helmet wear (motorcycle) but they also produce several Bluetooth wireless headsets for everyday wear. The Cardo Scala Bluetooth Headset has the standard headset features including voice dialing (phone dependant), call mute, redial, call conference, call waiting and call reject.

A Bluetooth headset utilizes the Bluetooth technology for establishing a connection between two entities. Its wireless features makes it all the more special and attractive as far as comfort is concerned. With its sleek and saline features it can make talking on the phone really convenient. It has a remarkably better reception than the wired one is Bluetooth headsets are known for the superiority in quality they offer over the wired headsets. They offer a wide variety of features that come in handy and which add to the vitality of the headsets.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth enabled cell phone, but still want to use blue tooth headsets, Then the Cardo Scala is the Bluetooth for you! It allows those without the Bluetooth enabled on their cell phones to use Bluetooth headsets easily with a Bluetooth adapter. The Cardo Scala Bluetooth Headset knows the annoyance of talking while walking on sidewalks of a busy city, biking or hiking on a windy day; so it added a proprietary wind blocking technology. Users can now talk without any kind of wind interferences, significantly much better than any other Bluetooth headset on the market! Hikers, travelers and those who are constantly in the busy city life or just cannot stand the sound of the wind while talking, this Bluetooth Cardo is for you. Don’t worry about fashion! The Cardo Scala Bluetooth has a sleek and stylish look fit for anyone and you can view it all at onsalecell.com!