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LG Unlocked Phones

Why get LG Unlocked Phones? Your advantage will be ensured that you won't be locked to a specific network carrier for an extended period of time. Feel free to switch carrier anytime without any contract in case you are not happy with their services. You have the total freedom to choose any carrier anytime and anywhere and buy purchasing it from OnSaleCell you own the phone, since we sell our LG Unlocked Phones and all our phones without the contracts. LG’s vast selection of unlocked phones comes in all styles and colors with the latest designs and great looking handsets that is sure to be appealing to your taste. Go ahead and choose your favorite LG unlocked phone! Check out our latest LG phone models which include LG Chocolate Unlocked GSM Triband Phone and more. Go for the most unique and distinct features that our LG phones have got, which will probably help you stand out of the crowd, Reveal your real passion by resorting to the phones that not only come at a reasonable price but have indisputable quality.

LG was established in 1947, by Lucky Chemical Industrial Company, first it was started with chemical company in Korea. Then LG company was a tie up with Koo and Heo families, who have had business dealings with each other for many generations. The group had expanded into the home appliance industry in 1958 under guidence of name Goldstar Electronics Company. From then, it became known as Lucky-Goldstar (LG).

LG Group produces electronics as well as mobile phones. The name LG is an abbreviation of Lucky Goldstar, the company's former name was simple GoldStar. LG now markets the LG as "Life's Good" in the market. The Goldstar brand is still available but LG was made a joint venture and created LG-Nortel Network. Since 2001, LG has two joint ventures with Royal Philips Electronics: they are LG Philips Display and LG Philips LCD.

About LG Unlocked Phones in GSM:

An international cell phone is classified as a GSM mobile phone that operates on the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequency. An LG unlocked phone with the appropriate GSM SIM card, will provide coverage in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim including Australia. An LG unlocked phone with the GSM 1900 frequency will expand coverage to include the United States, Canada and a growing part of South America.

Most LG GSM wireless phones we sell at OnSaleCell.com are unlocked and will work with any SIM card from any carrier in the world (assuming the phone supports the frequency). For instance a GSM 900/1800 (without 1900 frequency) is perfect if you only plan on using the phone overseas.

LG also offers CDMA phones which allows activation with respect to its corresponding CDMA carrier. So if you’re looking for a light weighted, easy to operate phone, you should definitely go for LG and with their phones you’re bound to believe LG’s heartfelt slogan “Life’s good “with an LG unlocked phone, now at OnSaleCell.com!