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Nextel Cell Phones

When it comes to buying cell phones that are stylish and cost effective at the same time, Nextel is the brand that suits any customer the most. Ranging from a wide variety of models that Nextel has to offer, Nextel features the next generation cell phones which are designed and stylized to suit your needs and requirements. With flawless and impeccable quality, better reliability and elegant designs, Nextel cell phones keep getting better in the mundane run. NEXTEL was founded as FleetCall in 1987 by Morgan E. O' Brien, a Washington, DC, communications attorney, and changed its name to Nextel Communications in 1993. In 1995, wireless pioneer Craig McCaw became a significant investor in the company. Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner was one of the early investors. Daniel Akerson served as CEO of Nextel for part of his career. Tim Donahue replaced Akerson as CEO in 1998.NEXTEL Communications was formerly traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker "NXTL". It was a Fortune 500 company.

Among the most popular models of Nextel cell phones come few of the most fascinating models namely LG LX400 and Samsung z400. The LG LX400 from Nextel has features that will captivate any cell phone buyer’s attention. It has a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera with digital zoom and camcorder to capture high resolution images and to create dynamic video clips. It also has “direct connect” for one to one push to talk feature. With it, it’s possible to Block or allow incoming one-to-one PTT calls and Call Alerts with DC Permissions. With it you can Access visual and audible turn-by-turn GPS-enabled driving directions using Sprint Navigation and record a voice message and send it to as many as 25 friends at once with SMS Text and Voice Messaging. You can also manage all contact information online including groups for PTT and text/voice messaging with the Mobile Sync online tool, automatically synchronizing between the phone, for easier entry, access and full secure backup.

Whereas on the other hand, the Samsung z400 plays an important role as the tycoon of the modern and sophisticated cell phone world. It has a Durable and Rugged design that features rubber for a sure hold and added surface protection. It has almost all the features of LG LX400 and it is regarded as one of the most challenging technology in today’s world. Both these phones have greater image variability and resolution. Every single feature offered by Nextel Cell Phones is unique in its own way and it will probably keep on changing every year adding to the more defined technology used and the methods employed to alter the existing design. To top it off, Nextel is one among the top corporations that spends a considerable amount of revenue just to attain the most ideal goal and perspective of customer satisfaction!