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NXZEN Bluetooth Headset

Superior Noise Cancellation allows you to Hear and Be Heard. nXZEN Bluetooth headset uses the world's most powerful DSP to boost acoustic performance, reduce background noise, and isolate your voice for superior hands-free mobile communications for other acitivities. The nXZEN headset is conservative in smooth appearance and more comfortable in use than many of its competitors. It’s acceptably easy to put on and no harder than any other ear loop type headset. Using the ear loop makes this as comfortable to wear as most of its competitors, and better than many. A clever feature is the ability to swap the two volume buttons so that the top one is for volume up and the bottom one for volume down, no matter if the unit is in your left or right ear. The nXZEN Bluetooth headset is the second generation of Bluetooth headsets in consumer product line and it comes in two models, the nXZEN and the nXZEN PLUS. These two nXZEN Bluetooth headset models differ only in two respects: the color of the faceplate and the Plus model has a stereo headset kit. Otherwise both models come in at the same size and weigh, and they both have the same DSP technology and battery implementations.

nXZEN Bluetooth headset allows you to connect to any other Bluetooth device and hence to establish connection via the pairing process. It’s real easy to connect and to talk with others and to hear music, videos etc. With a NXZEN Bluetooth Headset life becomes real easy ,since it’s wireless and you don’t have to go through the headache of sorting wires the whole time . They are reasonably cheaper too and are mostly long lasting than their wired counterparts. They are relatively easy to operate and maintain. In other words, they are the most perfect hearing devices which not only give you the opportunity to communicate with others but at the same time allow you to go wireless .But it doesn’t stop there ,the features are multiple, the most efficient one being noise reduction ,which is a common feature in case f most Bluetooth devices.

We at offer you a wide range of distinct varieties of nxzen head sets, which are not only invariably designed but at the same time exhibit features that make it an outstanding choise for your next head set purchase. The basic reason for using any headsets is listening or talking to the person on the other side without having to hold the phone, which would be quite dangerous if driving. With nxzen Bluetooth headset, it is not only easier, clearer and more convenient but the quality of nxzen is simply unmatches in the industry today!