Verizon Cell Phones

Everyone wants the most popular cell phone or the newest cell phone that is available on the market. We offer both of these and you can find the most popular or the newest Verizon cell phones through us. Listed below are a few of the Verizon cell phones that you can receive when signing up for a Verizon contract or even if you are looking to upgrade your phone. We definitely have every cell phone that you could possibly want.

One Verizon cell phone is the Motorola W385. This cell phone model provided by Verizon comes with Bluetooth capabilities and a VGA-quality camera that allows you to take pictures of anything that you find interesting. This Verizon cell phone also allows you to send these pictures to family, friends, and co-workers. This cell phone also offers a feature that is quite popular, which is a voice activated dialing feature. You are able to say the name of the person you want to call, provided that they are within your cell phone phonebook and will dial that number for you automatically. This takes a lot of time of your hands from rummaging through your cell phone phonebook or dialing the actual number of the person you are calling. This is a great feature for a cell phone while you are driving, since you are not supposed to be on the cell phone while driving!

Another popular Verizon cell phone is perfect for the music fanatic. This Samsung Juke U470 comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities that have Streaming Stereo Music and a built-in Juke Music Playlist that allows you to do several things while listening to your favorite songs. The memory that is built in this Verizon cell phone allows approximately 400-song storage and allows you to synchronize music from your own computer with a USB cable that is included within purchase. This phone also comes equipped with the voice-activated dialing saving a lot of hassle for the Verizon cell phone user. This cell phone also has VGA-quality camera that takes excellent clear pictures. If you are a media lover then this is definitely the phone for you and we have it available for purchase with just a click!

A popular Verizon cell phone that is great for the parent of young or teenage children. This model Verizon cell phone is the LG VX5400. This phone comes equipped with speakerphone and Bluetooth Wireless capabilities. This cell phone is excellent for any type of messaging including text, instant, e-mail, and picture messaging. This phone comes with a high quality VGA camera and a voice activated dialing feature that provides a reduction in time when calling someone. This particular Verizon cell phone has a newly added feature that is a built-in GPS Radio that supports VZ Navigator. Not only that but it supports VZ Parent-Child Locater Services. Therefore, this is an excellent phone if you are wanting to keep track of where your children or going or even your elderly mother.

We offer a variety of Verizon cell phones including the ones that are listed here but not limited to these. We are just a click away and help you in your next Verizon cell phone purchase.